Thursday, January 4, 2024

Door in Heaven (4.1)


After these, I saw, and see, a door was open in heaven. And the voice I first heard like a trumpet was speaking to me, saying, ‘Come up here and I will show you what must happen after these things.’


The author follows a common format of having the apocalyptic seer taken away from his starting point to witness his visions.


1 Enoch

14.8, 14–15 In the vision it was shown to me thus: Look, clouds in the vision were summoning me, and mists were crying out to me; and shooting stars and lightning flashes were hastening me and speeding me along, and winds in my vision made me fly up and lifted me upward and brought me to heaven. […] And I saw in my vision, and look, another open door before me

3 Baruch

2.2 And taking me, he led me up to the first heaven and showed me a very large door. And he said to me, ‘Let us enter through it.’

2 Baruch

10.2–3 ‘Tell Jeremiah to go away in order to support the captives unto Babylon. You, however, stay here in the desolation of Zion and I shall show you after these days what will happen at the end of days.’

13.1–2 and behold, a voice came from high heavens, saying to me, ‘Stand on your feet, Baruch, and hear the word of the mighty God.’

Revelation of Sedrach

2.1 And he heard a hidden voice in his ears, ‘Here, Sedrach, you who wish and desire to talk with God and to ask him to reveal to you the things that you wish to ask.’

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